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Here we have a list of our products. They are separated into package deals chip dips. All dips are $4.00 each, except our packages with a savings of up to $7.00.
With a purchase of any two Packages of 7 Dips, Recieve 1 free pack of our dip Mexican Fiesta(a $4.00 value).
Printable version of the order form is here.


Fireman's Special Fireman's Special: Try this spicy package of seven dips for just $21.
Package includes:
2 Ragin' Cajun
2 Kickin' Spinach
1 Southwestern Chipotle
2 Mexican Fiesta
Classic Sportsman's Package Classic Sportsman: Try this sporty package of seven dips for just $21.
Package includes:
2 Country Bacon
2 Roasted Onion and Garlic
1 Roasted Sweet Pepper
1 Lime Cilantro
The Family Reunion The Family Reunion: Try this package of seven dips for $21.
Package includes:
2 Cucumber Dill
2 Spinach
1 Mexican Fiesta
1 Roasted Onion and Garlic
1 Kickin' Spinach
Backyard BBQ Backyard BBQ: Try this package of seven dips for $21.
Package includes:
2 Ragin' Cajun
2 Roasted Onion and Garlic
1 Toasted Onion Supreme
1 Vegetable Supreme
1 Southwestern Chipotle
Holiday Gift Pack Holiday Gift Pack: Try this package of seven dips for $21.
Package includes:
1 Cucumber Dill
1 Spinach
1 Roasted Sweet Pepper
1 Vegetable Supreme
1 Kickin' Spinach
1 House Special
Package One Custom Package: Choose any seven dips for $23 from our wide assortment of flavors.

Enter the 7 dips you want:
Chip Dips:
BLT label BLT:Smoky bacon and tomato dip.
Chipotle Lime label Chipotle Lime: Outstanding on you favorite Mexican dishes.

Country Bacon label Country Bacon: A country smoked country bacon flavor.

Cucumber-Dill label Cucumber-Dill: A Cucumber based dip with a hint of dill.

Garlic and Herb label Garlic and Herb: A garlic lovers dream.

House Special label House Special:Great for veggies and awesome on your house salad.
Kickin' Spinach label Kickin' Spinach: Boy, this ain't your Momma's Spinach.

Lemon Dill label Lemon Dill:One of our newest crowd pleasers.
Lime Cilantro label Lime Cilantro:A zesty dip with lime and cilantro flavorings, great with mexican food.
Lime Cilantro label Lime Pepper:Lime Pepper is a dip best served with tortilla chips or as a sauce on homemade tacos.
Mexican Fiesta label Mexican Fiesta: Great used as a blooming onion dip.

Ragin' Cajun label Ragin' Cajun: Spicy Cajun flavor, great with chicken.

Roasted Onion and Garlic label Roasted Onion and Garlic: Great as a dip, awesome rub for roast beef.

Roasted Sweet Pepper label Roasted Sweet Pepper: Wonderful for vegetables and chips.

Snappy Ranch label Snappy Ranch: Try some on your buffalo wings or chicken tenders.

Spinach label Spinach: Number one seller, need more be said?

Southwestern Chipotle label Southwestern Chipotle: A spicy dip with a kick.

Toasted Onion Supreme label Toasted Onion Supreme:For all of the french onion lovers, this is your dream come true.
Vegetable Supreme label Vegetable Supreme: Don't like to eat your veggies? Try ours on a chip.

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